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            Australia design light steel villa

            Standards luxury light steel villa, light steel frame house, prefab villa, villa
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            product description

            Model No.: DSM-V002

            Area: 286.61 Sqm


            Description: Australia design light steel villa, light steel frame villa, light steel villa, prefab villa, villa


            House View




            Light steel frame 3D design





            light steel villa finished inside view







            Our steel structure villas have beautiful outside view, multi-layer, lightweight, etc.

            Description of steel structure villa,

            1. High structural stability

            Cold-formed thin-walled steel prefabricated house system main bearings use the wall structure of dense ribs plate type that is made up of cold-formed thin-walled steel and constructive panel, this structure has good building integrity and light structure weight, can be against with the earthquake over 8 level and hurricane whose speed reaches 50m/sec..

            2. Commercial process

            The materials that are used in the house system of cold-formed thin-walled steel prefabricated house system (Cold-formed high frequency welded light thin-walled square pipe (rectangular pipe) and deltoid V-connecting fittings compositions, constructive panel, warm-keeping, deadening) are all industrial products, so the factors that influence the quality of components reduce a lot,  and the quality of components can be controlled easily; the size of the components can be limited to mm, which offers a good basic for later fitting project. Industrialization of production gives enough room to this building structure system for its scalable and industrialized development.

            3. Fast building

            Except the basic is built following the traditional structure form (This basic engineering amount is less than the traditional basic of RC form), steel structure house building achieves prefabricate and live assembling construction completely; once the components are fit up, it will get 100% intension, no constructive technology intervals, and improve the labor productivity; the components are processed exactly according to the design completely, complete dry work at working sites, high constructive civil degree; fixing technology is mastered easily, a common worker can do the fixing work skilled after two-days training; constructive speed is fast, and the funds that is put into the house property is withdrew quickly, completing a building main structure of 200~300m2 only needs 1~2 weeks, and achieving rough fittings standard needs only one month.

            4. Fit for any kinds of groundsill

            In the cold-formed high frequency welded light thin-walled square pipe (rectangular pipe) steel prefabricated house system, the weight of the house itself nearly is a quarter to one fifth of the weight of traditional RC structure, which can reduce the costs of basic building largely, and need no special basic handle in building some low bearing basicsas a mountainous area or hill country.

            5. Construction with little influence of climates

            The live construction of the cold-formed high frequency

            welded light thin-walled square pipe (rectangular pipe) steel prefabricated house system is like fitting modal and complete dry work, can go on in any kinds of climates, in most parts of our country, it can achieve the aim that no constructive intervals in the whole year.

            6. Agility of using room inside

            Compared the cold-formed high frequency welded light thin-walled square pipe (rectangular pipe) steel components with RC structure components, the former one has higher ratio of intensity to weight, the span of house can reach over 9 meters, which offers residents more freedom to separate room, individualized house is no longer only a dream.

            7. More usable floor area

            The thickness of the wall of the cold-formed high frequency welded light thin-walled square pipe (rectangular pipe) steel prefabricated house system building is about 100-150mm, structure area is reduced by a big margin, the usable area of residence can reach 92%, about 7%-10% more than traditional construction; the pipeline of water and electricity can be placed easily in the wall or storey structure, and need little time or energy in design or construction.

            8. Diverse appearance

            The excellent processing properties of steel structure material offer a possibility for building all kinds of styles constructive sculpt, architects untie the tie of traditional constructive materials drastically, which riches the sight of building.

            9. Comfortable and energy saving

            Perfect warm-keeping and sound insulation structure design, 100mms glass wool insulation layer, whose warm-keeping capability is equivalent to a one-meters brick wall. It has been found that structure systems out walls thermal conductivity only is 0.46; light steel structure composite walls sound proofing properties can reach over 50dB; good warm-keeping and sound proofing properties not only offer residents a healthy and comfortable living condition, compared with RC structure , it also economize 60%-70% resources.

            10. High repeating utilization factor of stuff  

            The cold-formed high frequency welded light thin-walled square pipe (rectangular pipe) steel prefabricated house system all use cold-formed high frequency welded light thin-walled square pipe (rectangular pipe) steel frame, steel is the resource that can be 100% recycled, other supporting materials recycling utilization rate also can reach more than 80%, fitting for the requirement of the residence conservation concept today.


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