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            Indonesia townhouse

            Townhouse, light steel villa, prefabricated villa house, light steel house, etc..
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            product description

            Model No.: DSM-V004

            Area: 72 Sqm

            Description: Townhouse, light steel villa, light steel frame house, prefab villa, villa


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            Floor Plan

            Light steel villa specifications:

            1. 8 scales anti-seismic light steel villa

            2. 70 years Quality Guarantee

            3. Recycle materials

            4. Quick install

            Light Steel Villa Specifications

            Life span: more than 70years

            High seismic performance-----maximum protection more than 8 scales

            Wind-proof----- can safety face maximum typhoon of 70 meters per second

            Fire resistance-----duration about 4 hours depends on different design.

            Snow resistance-----a maximum snow load of 2.9KN/M2 as required

            High water and heat insulation----100 mm in thickness can match that of brick wall more than 1m thickness.

            High acoustic insulation----- 60db of exterior wall   40db of interior wall

            Inspect prevention: free from the damages by inspects, such as white ants, and so on

            Ventilation-----a combination of natural ventilation & air supply keep the indoor air fresh and clean  


            (1) Steel Structure galvanized steel frames: 0.8-1.0mm thickness light steel gauge

            (2) Flooring

            A. Prefabricated Deck panels+ cement+ steel bar

            B. light steel gauge frame +OSB board

            (3) Foundation connection: reinforced concrete + standard embedded anchor bolts whole or strips are all ok

            (4) Windows and Doors

            Windows: Double glazing plastic-steel or aluminum alloy thermo-insulating frames

            Doors: steel security gate doors; wood or molded doors

            (5) Composite Wall System: (thickness:150-250mm)Plaster board + steel frames + glass wool + OSB board + anti-moisture foil + foam insulation board + facing decorations ----Facing decorations materials:  

            A. Cement fiber board  

            B. Metal embossing composite insulation panel  

            C. PVC wall panel  

            D. Stucco  

            E. Artificial stone  

            F. Paint

            (6) Roofing System: roofing tile + SBS waterproof sheet + Fiber cement board (OSB board) + roof joist + rainspout

            Roofing tiles

            1.  Asphalt tile

            2.  Cement tile

            3.  Clay tile

            4.  Color steel tile

            5.  Glass fiber tile

            Packing and delivery: one 40’HQ container can load all the materials for about 160 square meters

            Installation: it takes 10 workers 30-45 days to install a villa for 250 square meters.

            Projects: Australia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Ukraine, Middle East, Chile, Sudan, England, etc.

            With so many years' trading experience, further understanding of trade, and based on established strategic and cooperative business relationships with well-known manufacturers in China, we can provide the right goods with right prices and right services to our partners,. Although we are not the best one, we are the right one which can really meet your requirements. We sincerely welcome partners at abroad to establish mutually beneficial relationships with us. 

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